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We are strictly TRADE to TRADE sales : All goods are sold 'as is' and all sales are final - Please refer to sections 1 & 2 in the Terms & Conditions for further information before considering a purchase.

Payment options

Credit or Debit card - Not Available if Collecting

The bulk of our online payments are taken by card via our PSP - Sellerdeck Payments, this is to ensure we are PCI compliant and your card details are secure. When paying by card we only deliver to the registered card address and if you enter a different address on your order our system will reject and void the order and payment. You will find that your bank or card issuer will take / allocate the funds and hold them for approximately 48 hours before putting them back or processing any refund.

It is therefore very important that you use only the registered card address, if you do not we have no control of when your bank / card issuer return the funds to you. If you are a first time buyer and your order is in excess of £3,000 and you pay by card we may need additional security checks before your card payment is cleared.

UK Same Day Bank Transfer

If you want to collect your goods, If you want a carrier or any one else to collect for you must pay by bank transfer, you cannot pay by card for any collection.

If you have UK online banking you should be able to make a UK Bank to Bank same day transfer at no cost. This is ideal for customers who's cards are registered to a home address but need the stock sending to a works address or storage area. Simply select this option during the order process, at the end of the order you will be taken to a page giving the bank details, we also follow up the order confirmation with a total to pay and bank details just in case. You can then use any address required for your delivery.

Bank Transfer (international orders)

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to confirm availability and also the value to transfer. Bank payment for UK orders must be made as soon as you place your order. if funds are not in place the order may be cancelled. We normally allow International orders three working days to show in our account. Once the funds are received we will confirm the payment has arrived, and If you are collecting, give you the collection reference you or your shipper will need to give our warehouse to release the goods on arrival.

You must also use the last four digits of the order number or your name as a payment reference.