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We are strictly TRADE to TRADE sales : All goods are sold 'as is' and all sales are final - Please refer to sections 1 & 2 in the Terms & Conditions for further information before considering a purchase.

Grades Explained

Please note - the descriptions given below represent a guide for each grade. You can always get good and bad parcels when dealing in Return's and Trade Job Lots. We can not offer any form of guarantee on individual parcels and we do not accept returns on any goods. If you are not sure do not buy
These are stocks which have been cleared from the source company to make way for new stocks. Although They are not sold as 'brand new' stock they have never been sold or sent to customers. The vast majority of this stock is from the warehouses of some of the largest mail order and high street companies in the UK and, as such, is believed to be in perfect condition. It is always possible to get seconds or warehouse damaged good so please bear this in mind.
QC/QA Clearance
These are stocks which have been rejected during the quality control process of the mail order or retail store. They can be rejected for many different reasons, They have never been sold or returned but have been rejected for normal retail sale.
Grade 1
These are still customer return items and are graded based on the reason given by the retail customer for the return or the cosmetic condition of the item (i.e. unopened). They are still unchecked and you may get faults / seconds or damaged goods as they have been through the delivery sytem.
Returns cover the majority of the stock we carry, these are simply items which have been purchased then sent back by a retail customer. You will find, used, faulty and damaged items within this grade.
Grade 2
These are simply the returns sent back in a damaged or faulty condition. They can be used, part item, missing parts, or just faulty. Some items of electrical goods may also only be used as parts or scrap
Because we get stocks from many different sources, each has their own way of dealing with returns, some companies grade them, some simply pack them up and sell them on. When we get these lots we simply sell them as Mixed Grade. They will contain the full range from brand new, faulty, damaged, and possibly scrap items.

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