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LATVC Pom Pom Straw Shopper Bag (6)

LATVC Pom Pom Straw Shopper Bag (6)

Beautifully designed straw shopping bag with colourful Pom Pom to the outside and a draw string cover to keep all your shopping safe.
Good robust straw handles makes it ideal for shopping, picnics or just every day use.
Sold as QA Clearance due to some having marks or blemishes
Approx size : top width 90cm x bottom width 28 cm x internal depth 28 cm
  • Grade: QA Clearance
  • Catalogue Value: 29.00
  • Items Per Carton: 6
  • Cost Per Item: 2.90
  • Ctn cost price:


  • Qty in stock:

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