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NB2430A LG Wall Mountable Speaker Bar (Returns)

NB2430A LG Wall Mountable Speaker Bar (Returns)

Sontia Audio Technology
Revolutionary and disruptive SPT (Stable Phase Technology) audio technology brings sharper, deeper and brighter sound without disrupting audio performance.

More versatile than ever before, the Wireless Sound Sync allows you to wirelessly connect your TV or smart phone directly to the NB2430A using Bluetooth. Stream your favourite YouTube videos or listen to the FM Radio all without the mess of wires.

3D Sound Processor
With LG's unique sound calibration technology, Cinema Surround Processor, LG is able to deliver more immersive and cinema-like surround sound.

Wall mountable
Perfect for modern homes or for smaller spaces, this speaker bar is fully wall mountable, providing you with the ultimate in design and convenience.

USB Connectivity
Simply connect your flash drive or external hard drive to the USB port to play your contents through your speaker bar.

Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital is developed for high-definition entertainment to give a fuller viewing experience. It delivers powerful sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the original studio master, unlocking the full entertainment experience on Blu-ray Disc and other HD media.

DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
Experience a higher quality audio experience with DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. Delivering high definition audio, your favourite films and programmes will sound better than ever.
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